When I’m 65
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Detroit Public Television’s (DPTV) When I’m 65 is a groundbreaking national documentary and engagement program exploring how our financial and lifestyle choices today affect the whole of our lives. It is a generational look at the opportunities and obstacles that lie before us.

This 60-minute national documentary explores longstanding myths about retirement and living longer, as well as changing attitudes toward work, debt, housing and the financial realities of the 21st century.

Using case studies, engaging animations, and lively expert interviews, When I’m 65 will look at how aspirations and financial planning for retirement have changed. This multi generational approach will examine how each generational cohort is looking at and planning for retirement, based on the work and interviews of experts, for example:

  • Ken Dychtwald, author of Age Wave and expert on the maturing population
  • Teresa Ghilarducci, retirement security expert from The New School
  • Marianne Kilkenny, creator of Women for Living in Community
  • Knight Kiplinger, editor in chief of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine

Narrated by David Brancaccio of American Public Media’s Marketplace

Watch the full length movie on DPTV’s web site:

Visit Official Site: http://www.wi65.org/